Webservices FDSN and EIDA

Usage Details

ORFEUS EIDA implements the following webservices to provide standardized and open access to data. The specifications and the usage of parameters of each service can be found below at the appropriate page.

Note: ORFEUS EIDA consists of multiple data centers with unique data holdings and webservices. Data exposed at one data center may not be available at anotheri, therefore the appropriate node should be selected in your request. Please consult the EIDA networks page to discover the appropriate node(s) for data requests and citation.

Tip! Webservice How To

Consult the example page to discover details on how to use the webservices to download data from ORFEUS EIDA.

The EIDA FEDERATOR provides a single, unified access point to the waveform archives and the station and quality control information from the entire EIDA data holdings, i.e. from all the datacenters in EIDA. Access is through standard FDSN and EIDA web services. Please be aware that current version of the EIDA Federator does not provide access to restricted data.

FDSNWS-Dataselect FDSNWS-Station EIDAWS-WFCatalog

Table showing current status, service versions, and response times for the FDSN and EIDA Webservices. Visit the individual node pages to discover the webservice addresses for each node.

EIDA Node FDSNWS-Dataselect FDSNWS-Station EIDAWS-WFCatalog EIDAWS-Routing

Status generated at

For each node, the EIDA webservices implementations are polled to show current status and response times. Services timed out after 10 seconds may be temporarily busy. Hover over the status to view actual response times.