ORFEUS Observatories & Research Facilities for European Seismology

ORFEUS is the non-profit foundation to coordinate and promote digital, broadband seismology in the European-Mediterranean area.

EIDA is the European Integrated Data Archive infrastructure within ORFEUS to provide access to seismic waveform data in European archives.

Temporary Service Disruption posted on 2018-12-10

Tuesday 11th of December ORFEUS Data Center will experience a planned service disruption as a result of a hardware upgrade. All services are expected to be offline from 08:30 CET until 12:00 CET. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update (13:00): all services and products are back to normal.

ORFEUS Data Usage Policies & Swarm posted on 2018-11-20

In response to excessive usage of the FDSN web services hosted by ORFEUS Data Center by users of the USGS Swarm application, the data center will no longer be servicing requests made through this application. The application inhibits our ability to adequately serve other users and we refer to the ORFEUS Data Usage Policy.

If you are interested in using data available from ORFEUS in real-time please contact us for alternative solutions.