ORFEUS Structure

ORFEUS (Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology) is a non-profit foundation under Dutch law and is directed by an international Board of Directors and its Executive Committee. The Board of Directors consists of representatives of the Core Participants and Participants by Right ( EMSC, EFEHR, ESC, ISC) and appoints members of the Executive Committee.

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) in Paris is the European Center for seismological parameter data. There is a strong relationship between ORFEUS and EMSC. Both ORFEUS and EMSC have close links to the European Seismological Commission.

Boards and Committees

  • ORFEUS Board of Directors (BoD, Chair: Anastasia Kiratzi)
  • ORFEUS Executive Committee (ExeCom, President: Susana Custodio)
  • ORFEUS Secretary General (SG, Carlo Cauzzi) Contact the SG by e-mail
  • ORFEUS Data Center (ODC, Director: Reinoud Sleeman)
  • User Advisory Group (UAG, Chair: Petr Kolinsky)
  • Board of Participants (BoP)
  • Members of the EIDA SMC Management Board (EMB, Chair: Christos Evangelidis)
  • Members of the SM SMC Management Board (Chair: Giovanni Lanzano)
  • Members of the Infrastructure Development Group (IDG) - EIDA component (ETC, Chair: Jarek Bienkowski)
  • Members of the Infrastructure Development Group (IDG) - SM component

  • Current members of the above boards and committees can be found here.