In Memoriam
Torild van Eck
1949 - 2014


ORFEUS (Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology), is the non-profit foundation that aims at co-ordinating and promoting digital, broadband (BB) seismology in the European-Mediterranean area.

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The European Strong-Motion database (ESM) is an archive of accelerometric waveforms from events with magnitude >= 4.0 recorded in Europe and middle-East since 1969. It provides unprocessed acceleration time-series, manually processed acceleration, velocity and displacement time-series, acceleration and displacement response spectra, and relevant engineering parameters.

  • Waveforms are either downloaded from the the ORFEUS European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA) or provided by data providers joining the ORFEUS Working Group 5.
  • Near realtime earthquake information is provided by the EMSC, although earthquake locations and magnitudes are periodically revised.
  • The ESM was developed within the NERA project.

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