ORFEUS Observatories & Research Facilities for European Seismology

ORFEUS is the non-profit foundation to coordinate and promote digital, broadband seismology in the European-Mediterranean area.

EIDA is the European Integrated Data Archive infrastructure within ORFEUS to provide access to seismic waveform data in European archives.

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ORFEUS Annual Workshop 2016

The 2016 ORFEUS Annual Observatory Coordination meeting is organized together with an EPOS sponsored workshop on OBS (Ocean Bottom Seismometers) and Mobile Seismic Pools (MSP), to coordinate efficient integration of data from these communities within the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA). The 2016 ORFEUS Annual Observatory Coordination meeting has a focus on seismology in the Balkans and the AlpArray seismic network.

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Conference center in hotel Neptun

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