ORFEUS (Observatories and Research Facilities for European Seismology), is the non-profit foundation that aims at co-ordinating and promoting digital, broadband (BB) seismology in the European-Mediterranean area.

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In Memoriam - Torild van Eck

Dear colleagues and friends,

on November 30 our colleague Torild van Eck unexpectedly passed away. We have lost a great colleague and a very close, warm friend among all of us. The large number of condolences flowing in are heartwarming and describe Torild as we all remember him: a very much appreciated friend and colleague who committed himself for decades to serve the seismological community in Europe and beyond. Always looking for opportunities to glue people together and build a strong European seismological community, based on human interaction. His giving attitude, broad interest and gentle character made him a person that we will miss daily. Our thoughts and consolation are with his family to support them in this immense loss.

Reinoud Sleeman on behalf of ORFEUS Data Center and the KNMI

The sudden and unexpected death of Torild has left all of us completely stunned. We would like to remember the way that the ExeCom has known Torild in all these years. In our long meetings Torild would always listen to all opinions and then have the last word while finding a solution acceptable and convincing to all. All decisions were to the benefit of the community. He was always very pragmatic and this led him to move step by step toward our common objectives. We will certainly miss his presence as a colleague and as friend for many years to come.

Alberto Michelini on behalf of the Execom, the WG's and the Board of ORFEUS

When I met Torild many years ago I felt, this is a person one can talk to. And he always listened, and was never shy to enter new ideas for enhancing the means of common needs. He understood the needs of the seismologists, because he belonged to them. I have never met a person who was such dedicated to the cause of earthquakes like Torild. Sometimes, he daylighted his thoughts, that seismological data exchange is actually the essence, otherwise seismology cannot not proceed. Wise and thoughtful were his advises, and he managed bringing the seismological community closer together as tedious it may have been. We will strive to fulfil his vision.

Wolfgang Lenhardt (President of ORFEUS)

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