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How it all started ...

Dear colleagues,

After a longer time of low activities, the ORFEUS Executive Committee has been re-activated and held two meetings this year. On basis of the o rginal ORFEUS Science Plan, a number of new and extended tasks were defined and first attempts to start them were made. Beside the ORFEUS Data Center, which will remain the central part of the organisation also in future, activities in siting coordination, technical support, coordination of temporary deployment of broadband stations and enhanced exchange of scientific ideas and results were proposed.

Since major input from the ORFEUS community is required to be able to fullfill these new tasks, a set of new working groups were created to gi ve a basis for this input: a working group on siting and station standards, one for technical support and one for mobile broadband stations. Beside this, a regular annual scientific meeting will be organised and the ORFEUS Newsletter will be continued in cooperation with EMSC.

Regarding the Working Group on Siting and Station Standards, an initial scheme for selecting its members was found: one representative for eac h country with independently operated broadband stations and one for each multinational broadband network in Europe. You have been named as the representati ve for your country/network and the Executive Committee asks for your cooperation and agreement to participate in this group. Jan Zednik from Prague was pro posed by the Executive Committee as the provisional chairman. If you would not be able to participate in this group yourself, please name another representa tive for your country/network.

The ORFEUS Executive Committee would like to see the following tasks taken over by this working group: maintain a complete inventory on all br oadband stations (permanent and semi-permant) in the European-Mediterranean area, define an ORFEUS network out of existing stations and propose new ones in areas with low BB station coverage, support local or national efforts to fill existing gaps with official scientific arguments and practical hints, recover "hidden" BB stations to open their data to the ORFEUS user community and force common standards for sites, instrumentation and recording equipment.

As the first occasion to meet officially, the planned ORFEUS Workshop in de Bilt in April 96 (prior to the EGS meeting in The Hague) was propo sed by the Executive Committee. But it might be a good idea to start work already on basis of e-mail discussions. A complete inventory of all European broad band stations would be a good starting point.

On behalf of the ORFEUS Executive Committee, I am counting on your cooperation and active role in this working group.

With my best wishes for your future work!

Winfried Hanka
ORFEUS Executive Committee

September 1995

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