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Last update: August 31, 2012


Sun's Java site
General information about Java, Java Tutorial (recommended), Java Develoment Kits, Java Applets, etc.
Java-Linux services
with mirror sites for Java Developer's Kit for Linux.
Java Shareware
JavaTM Applications, Applets, Classes, Servlets, Beans, Development Tools and Java[tm] projects
Java Software GNU project software.
free software from the GNU project and other sources
JARS, The Java Review Service.
Ratings of Java sites and other useful information.

CORBA reference

Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)
Object Management Group
Consortium that aims at common standardswithin CORBA

Java Class Libraries and components

FISSURES definitions
Java Classes and CORBA interfaces for (earthquake) seismology, as defined within the IRIS-DMC FISSURES initiative.
Java classes and nl.knmi.orfeus*Java source Java classes developed within the Java version of libslink (a SeedLink data exchange tool).


Resource Geology Seismic Processing System for Java (JRG)
A basic reflection processing package with graphics, 3-d and crooked-line capabilities, SEG-Y and sound file I/O, and a friendly GUI that runs on any machine. Author: John Louie.
SeisFile is a library for reading and writing seismic file formats in java. See the wiki for more information. Authors contact: Philip Crotwell
A Graphical User Interface for Interactive Ray-Tracing (rayinvr) Authors: Jeremy Loss, Ingo Pecher and Uri Ten Brink
The TauP Toolkit
Flexible Seismic Travel-Time and Raypath Utilities. Popular program, now with a interface for Java. Authors: Philip Crotwell, Thomas Owens and Jeroen Ritsema.
The seismometer applet
Tutorial about the seismometer operation. Java Applet. Author: Fritz Keller
Java version of the popular PITSA program.
Seismicity Viewer
Demonstration of seismicity from different views. Java Applet. Author: Anthony Lomax
Quake Data Merge Real Time Merged Catalog (QDM)
receives earthquake summary information and additional text from seismographic networks, eliminates duplicate and redundant information reported by different seismic networks, and produces a composite earthquake catalog. USGS software.
Quake Data Distribution System (QDDS)
a method for distributing earthquake data over the Internet in near-real time using a structure similar to a classical client- server system called a hub-leaf system. USGS software.
Seismogram viewer (version 3)
Visualisation and basic analysis of seismograms. Applet and stand-alone configurations. Author: Anthony Lomax
Interface to seismological databases. In development. Searching and display. Contact person: Bladimir Moreno, Jens Havskov and Lars Ottemoeller.
Quake Explorer
Browser that allows you to rapidly explore, visualize and analyze the latest earthquake events and associated seismic traces over the internet. Author: Anthony Lomax.
Global Earthquake Explorer
An education and outreach tool for seismology that aims to make it easy for non-seismologists to retrieve, display and analyze seismic data. It makes use of the Fissures/DHI for data delivery.
Java SeedLink development
Mainly the Java implementation of the libslink C-library for the data exchange protocoll SeedLink.
Author: Anthony Lomax
Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
Java Applet development of WSG for windows 95/NT written in Visual C++. Author: Andrei Akimov
Resource Geology Seismic Processing System for Java (JRG)
A basic reflection processing package with graphics, 3-d and crooked-line capabilities, SEG-Y and sound file I/O, and a friendly GUI Author: John N. Louie
Digital seismology tutor
Educational. Filters etc. in seismology. Author: Frank Scherbaum
Body_wave Modeling Applet
Educational. Fault plane drawing and pP, sP reflection coefficients. Author: Charles J. Ammon
Virtual courseware for Earth and Environmental Sciences
Educational. California State University, Los Angeles course ware. Earthquakes and Virtual earthquake
java teach links
Educational. Geophysical and Geologic java applets, movies, animations, articles, tutorials, class notes, etc. maintained by Ken Dueker
Open Seismic Hazard Analysis
OpenSHA is an effort to develop object-oriented, web- & GUI-enabled, open-source, and freely available code for conducting Seismic Hazard Analyses (SHA). email-group
OHAZ, Oriented HAZard.
Computing probabilistic seismic hazard maps using a spatially-smoothed seismicity approach. Platform: Java. Author: Barbara Sket-Motnikar.
Volume Rendering Demo
A dynamic user-controlled visualisation of several 3D models. authors: LeRoy Dorman and Douglas Gehringer. Also look at: Java 3D Utility Code and Java 3D API
CREWES Interactive software
Zoeppritz equation solutions, reflectivity, various representations of elastic interface data.
Relevant applications

Java Resources for Science and Engineering
Mathtools.net, Scientific Java.
Relevant links for scientists and engineers.
a new, extensible standard for representing the semantics of mathematical objects.
Java 3D Utility Code
References to Java 3D utility classes and packages.
Online Geoprocessor
On-line Java-based GIS for geological, geophysical and seismological applications. Author: Valeri Gitis and collaborators.
Faster german mirror site
Poles and zeros
Tutorial about poles and zeros. Relevant for characterizing instrument response. Not updated since 1996.
On-line DSP Java and other links.
Maintained by the European Association for Speech, Signal and Image Processing (EURASIP)
DSP Design Performance
Digital Filter Design Applets plus DSP Tutorials and Code Segments. Java Applets. Author: Jeffrey D Taft
Educational. Web based Procedures, Tools & Strategies for Internet Based Engineering Education.
Educational Java applets for Engineering Education
Schrodinger wave equation simulation
Graphical simulations for tutorial purposes. Java Applet.
Signals, systems and control demonstrations
Demonstrations of basic concepts in the area of signal processing. Requires sometimes sound capability, often MatLab required. Fourier series, spectra, convolution, sampling, poles and zeros, etc. John Hopkins University. Java Applets.
Wavelet tutorial
Educational. Rice University DSP.
Acoustic software
Overview of a number of acoustical software, mainly Java or JavaScript.
Educational Some educational java applets about waves (basic). Author: Charles Nicholas Hill
Physlets, Physics Applets, are small flexible Java applets designed for science education. Maintained by Wolfgang Christian
Neural Java
Neural Networks Tutorial with Java Applets
Virtual plates
A few plate reconstructions and a collection of plate reconstruction links and images and movies. Not maintained since 1998.
Physik -Interaktiv III
Educational A collection of Java Applets for physics.

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