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Practical aspects

ORFEUS (Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology) is a non-profit foundation under Dutch law and is governed by an international Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Board of Directors consists of representatives of the Corporate Founders and appoints members of the Executive Committee. The European-Mediterranean Seismological Center (EMSC) in Paris is the European Center for seismological parameter data. There is a strong link between ORFEUS and EMSC, which is explicit in the ORFEUS-EMSC coordinating committee and a joint ORFEUS-EMSC Scientific Advisory Board. Both ORFEUS and EMSC have close links to the European Seismological Commission.

Board and Committee members

ORFEUS Executive Committee (ExeCom)
Alberto Michelini (president)INGV, Italy
Thomas MeierUniv Bochum, Germany
Nicos MelisNOA, Greece
John ClintonETHZ, Switzerland
Nicolai ShapiroIPGP, France
Frederik TilmannGFZ, Germany

ORFEUS-EMSC Coordinating Committee
Rémy BossuEMSC, France
Chris BrowittEMSC, United Kingdom
Alberto MicheliniORFEUS, Italy
Torild van EckORFEUS, Netherlands
Peter Suhadolc (Chairman) ESC, Italy

ORFEUS Board of directors
Wolfgang Lenhardt (president) Austria
Michel van Camp Belgium
Peter Voss Denmark
Helle Pedersen France
Winfried Hanka Germany
Anastasia Kyratzi Greece
Salvatore Mazza Italy
Bernard Dost Netherlands
Lars Ottemöller Norway
João Fonseca Portugal
Constantin Ionescu Romania
Josep Gallart Spain
Reynir Bodvarsson Sweden
Domenico Giardini Switzerland
Mustafa Erdik Turkey
Brian Baptie UK
Rémy Bossu (observer) EMSC
Mariano Garcia Fernandez (observer) ESC
Dmitry Storchak (observer) ISC

Working Group Chairmen
Jan Zednik (GFU, Czech Republic) Observatory coordination (WG1)
vacancy Mobile stations (WG3)
Joachim Saul (GFZ, Germany) Seismological Software (WG4)
Lucia Luzi (INGV, Italy) Acceleration and Strong Motion Data (WG5)
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