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Mediterranean-European Rapid EarthquakeData Information and Archiving Network

Programme: "Environment and Sustainable Development"
Action: "Support for Research Infrastructure"
Call identifier: EESD-ENV-99-1 (JO 1999/C 77/12)
Proposal No: EVR1-1999-00006 (MEREDIAN)
Contract No: EVR1-CT-2000-40007 "MEREDIAN"
Starting Date: November 1, 2000
End Date: April 30, 2005

Project summary

Developing existing earthquake data infrastructures towards a Mediterranean-European Rapid Earthquake Data Information and Archiving Network (MEREDIAN).

Problems to be solved
The purpose of the MEREDIAN project is to improve the existing European infrastructure for seismological data exchange before individual national data centres diverge into widely incompatible standards, protocols, exchange procedures and software. A unification of the network and services is essential to improve the quality and timeliness of (rapid) earthquake information we provide. A continued diverging development would be detrimental to maintaining high standards in European earthquake research, seismic hazard assessment and disaster mitigation. The MEREDIAN project addresses the improvements of relevant scientific and technical requirements.

Scientific objectives and approach
The MEREDIAN project aims at a significant upgrade of the seismological data infrastructure built up by the Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology (ORFEUS) since 1987. The strategy followed is to build the backbone of a modernised infrastructure and to disseminate techniques and software to other observatories within Europe and its surroundings. ORFEUS, residing at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), will have the central role in this infrastructure as proposed by MEREDIAN. Our aim is one homogeneous European-Mediterranean seismological data infrastructure allowing rapid, easy access to earthquake data and information for basic research and reliable and fast distribution of / access to earthquake information for decision-makers and the public.

The emphasis within MEREDIAN lies on providing uninhibited access to real-time and archived earthquake waveform data from high quality seismograph stations in the European-Mediterranean area. The project includes a significant investment in co-ordinating and providing modern standardised software with the aim to enable data users, i.e. scientists and others to access, view and perform basic analysis on the earthquake data.

Expected impacts
Upon completion of the project ORFEUS and MEREDIAN consortium will be able to provide homogeneous access, viewing and basic analysis capability to (close-to) real time waveform data within hours of an European-Mediterranean event from a well distributed set of existing broadband stations within this area. Further, within one year of each event, an easily accessible archive for research and general information with quality controlled event waveform data from most BB stations in the region will be provided. Developed software packages for data control, exchange, viewing and the basic analysis, seismological Java class definitions and the results of a satellite pilot project are among the other important deliverables. The implicit co-ordinating role of ORFEUS should ensure the involvement of most of the observatories and seismological research centres within Europe and its immediate surroundings.


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