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European-Mediterranean Infrastructure Co-ordination for Earthquake Seismology

Programme: "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development"
Action: "Accompanying Measures"
Call identifier: EESD-ENV-3 (JO 2000/C 324/09)
Proposal No: EVR1-2001-00030 (EMICES)
Contract No: EVK2-CT-2001-80002 "EMICES"
Starting Date: 01-05-2002
Duration: Two years
The intention of this project is to co-ordinate European data exchange initiatives (especially real-time) and data providing (Internet) initiatives and to improve data exchange between Europe and the Middle Eastern and Northern African countries.

For this purpose we organise three workshops:

  • "Real time data exchange within Europe"
    Place: Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Barcelona, Spain. Date: 23-25 October 2002.
  • "Distributed, Object Oriented Computingfor Seismology"
    Place: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Department of Geophysics, Athens, Greece.
    Date: 22-24 September 2003.
  • "Seismic hazard and data exchange within the Mediterranean"
    Place: Nikosia. Date: 10-13 September 2003

    For more information, please contact the European coordinators (EMSC) and (ORFEUS)
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