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ORFEUS Annual Report 2008, March 2009 (pdf)

Eck, T. van, R. Sleeman, ORFEUS Activity Report 2007, May 2008, 4 pp. (pdf)

Giardini, D., J. Zednik, T. van Eck, B. Dost, 2002. ORFEUS Strategic Plan, 6 pp. (pdf)

Giardini, D. (editor), 2002. Network of Excellence of Research and Infrastructures for European Seismology (NERIES), 5 pp, (doc file). Expression of Interest for the EC 6th framework programme.

Giardini, D., M. Jost, E. Kissling, H.C. Nataf, and R. Snieder, 1995. Report of the Scientific Advisory Board to EMSC-ORFEUS, 9pp.

ORFEUS Statuten (Dutch), ORFEUS Statutes (English), Bylaws (English), 1987.

Nolet, G., B. Romanovicz, R. Kind and E. Wielandt, (editors), 1986. ORFEUS Science Plan. 45 pp. (pdf file).


ORFEUS - General Information (pdf)

ORFEUS - International Context (pdf)

ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) (pdf)


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