A meeting in Rabat to improve network coordination and data availability in Western Mediterranean

A meeting was jointly organised by the DPG-IS (Institut Scientifique, Rabat) and the EERWEM (Earthquake monitoring and Earthquake Risk in WEstern Med) consortium in November 2007 in Rabat to evaluate the evolution to be given to the one year of the MoU for the establishment of a Cooperation framework on earthquake surveillance in the Western Mediterranean Region (more details at  www.emsc-csem.org/Doc/EMSC_Newsletter_22.pdf). The participation was excellent and Prof. El Hassani and Dr. Abdelkrim Rimi have been praised by participants for th e quality of the organisation.

On the scientific side, the participants decided  to move to a 5-year MoU and to add technical annexes to the documents which describe the actual actions each participant plan to contribute to the MoU implementation. The revised text underline the reciprocity and ensures that any institutes making its own waveform data available will be support to effectively access to the data it needs for the monitoring of its own territory.

We hope to have a follow-up meeting next autumn possibly in Tunis at a time when the three new broad-band stations being deployed by the Institut National Météorologique which are being installed should be in operation and in a position to be made available in real time to the global seismological community.

Rémy Bossu (EMSC), Torild Van Eck (ORFEUS), José Martin Davila (ROA) and the EERWEM participants

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