Current ORFEUS ExeCom

Current ORFEUS Executive Committee consists of:

  • Alberto Michelini, president (INGV, Rome, Italy)
  • Peter Labak (GI-SAS, Bratislava, Slovak Republic)
  • Thomas Meijer (University of Bochum , Germany)
  • Johannes Schweitzer (NORSAR, Oslo, Norway)
  • Nikolai Shapiro (IPGP, Paris, France)
  • Jan Zednik (GI-ASCR, Prague, Czech Republic)

The working group chairmen are the same as in 2007 (see ORFEUS Newsletter Vol.7 No.2)

ORFEUS annual report 2007 available

The annual report for 2007 provide a summary of ORFEUS activities in that year. This report is available on:

New services at ORFEUS

As shown in the 2007 ORFEUS annual report, the data management at ORFEUS has been restructured significantly. This is now resulting in new services, of which we mention a few:

Monitoring the VEBSN:

The VEBSN data stream can currently been followed on:

A quick glance at the VEBSN holdings this year can be viewed on:

Data quality using PQLX can be followed on
Here you find also links to additional QC options.

Retrieving data:
Continuous data can now be retrieved through an easy web interface:
or simply through ftp:

Event data is and has been always available through the existing WilberII interface, which also has an option to view individual channels with Seisgram2K:

Some archive event data (before 2002) are carefully reprocessed and stored in the database and are therefore not yet available through WilberII.

A selection of combined e-mail - FTP services are also implemented; these are AutoDRM, NetDC and Breq_fast. The last two services are currently still in a testing phase and we would appreciate feedback from users.

A complete overview of the data access services can be found on:

ORFEUS workshop 'Waveform Inversion', Utrecht. June 19-20, 2008

The tremendous success of seismology over the last 20 years is greatly due to the free availability of high quality waveform data originating from various global and regional networks. The aim of the ORFEUS data center and more recently of the NERIES project is to provide an infrastructure that will gather all available digital seismological data in the Euro-Mediterranean region and to distribute them in a user-friendly way.

The NERIES project provides the resources to implement a significant integration and modernization the European infrastructure for seismological data. One of the key elements for the success of this project is a close interaction with the scientists using the data. The goal of this workshop and those to come is to expose the scientific research based on digital seismological data and the corresponding needs and wishes of the data users.

The theme of the first workshop is waveform inversion that covers a large part of the activities in the field of seismology. With the increasing amount of available high-quality digital data and the increasing computer power, waveform inversion on a large scale is within reach.

Responsible for the local organisation are Jelle Assink and Torild van Eck (ORFEUS), the scientific organisation is done by Jeannot Trampert, Nikolai Shapiro.

NERIES annual meeting, Utrecht, June 30 - July 2, 2008

The second annual meeting of the EC-project NERIES (contract RII3-CT-2006-026130) will take place in Utrecht organised by ORFEUS host, the KNMI. This meeting will provide a mid-term overview of all activities within the NERIES project, specifically its accomplishments and the planning for the next 18 months. More details on this meeting can be found on

IRIS-DMC staff meets ORFEUS staff

May 28-30, 2008, Tim Ahern and Rick Benson of the IRIS Data Management visited the ORFEUS Data Center at the KNMI to coordinate our data management issues, among them waveform meta data maintenance, real-time data exchange policies, data request mechanisms, data archive connections between IRIS-DMC and the ORFEUS coordinated European Integrated Distributed Archive (EIDA) as being developed within NERIES and the FDSN role and actions.

Other issues discussed are the organisation of a joint IRIS-ORFEUS workshop in 2009, relevant project proposals in the US and Europe and on-going projects like, for example, the NERIES and EarthScope web portal developments.

Both Alberto Michelini (ExeCom president and INGV) and Winfried Hanka (GITEWS and GFZ) joint the meeting on May 30.

Both IRIS-DMC and ODC intend to have these discussions on an annual basis.

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