Revival of the ORFEUS newsletter

The ORFEUS newsletter did not appear for some time. Higher on the priority list of the ORFEUS staff were the preparations of the EC-project proposal NERIES. Now the dust has settled and we have manpower to revive the newsletter. Patricia van der Kooij is helping out with the layout and all preparatory work. Lars Ottemoller (BGS, UK) has joined the editorial board. We hope you appreciate the new format and we encourage you to submit contributions like those specified in the new authors instructions.

ORFEUS coordinates the new EC-project NERIES

June 1, 2006 the I3 (Integrated Infrastructure Initiative) project, NERIES started under contract no. 026130 of the FP6 programme of the EC after approximately three years of preparation. The EC contribution is 12.1 M € for a period of four years. Project coordinator is Domenico Giardini as president of the board of ORFEUS. NERIES stands for Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology.

NERIES is one of the 28 FP6-I3 projects funded within the so-called ‘Research Infrastructures' theme, part of the EC political initiative to build the European Research Area. The EC funding rules are constrained to networking, providing access to a number of research facilities and research projects aimed at improving the operation of the infrastructure. Consequently, this EC funding does not include any hardware investments. However it does enable us to collaborate within Europe on a grand scale.

More information on the project is expected to appear in this newsletter, on the ORFEUS and EMSC web pages and, not least, on the NERIES project portal.

NERIES: Grants for access to research facilities

European research groups can apply for grants to visit ETHZ, NORSAR, CEA/LDG and the scanning facilities at INGV, SISMOS, and the underground observatory facility of ZAMG, CONRAD. More details can be found here.

Global coordination of XML developments for earthquake data exchange

January 15-16, 2007 ORFEUS and EMSC organize a small workshop with development teams from Europe (ORFEUS, EMSC, ETHZ, GFZ, INGV), USA (IRIS-DMC, ISTI, NEIC/USGS) and Japan (JAMSTEC/IFREE). We want to coordinate on-going developments with regard to XML definitions for earthquake parameters and data used in earthquake data exchange using web tools. Of specific interest are the developments within the GITEWS group at GFZ, the QuakeML group at ETHZ/SCEC, the EIDS developments by ISTI for NEIC/USGS and waveform XML definitions as proposed by JAMSTEC/IFREE. Spring 2007 the European group intends to distribute information within a wider audience.

ORFEUS observatory coordination workshop, Bucharest, May 6-11, 2007

Following the success of the Prague workshops, NIEP will organize the next observatory coordination workshop. The plans are to provide an update of recent software developments within the GITEWS and NERIES, have a SeisComP Users Group workshop and discuss and exchange general practical experiences. Information will be accessible through the ORFEUS announcement web page.

ORFEUS Execom winter meeting; February 5, 2007

Last year the ExeCom had a successful one-day meeting at the KNMI to discuss on-going affairs and plan ahead. Consequently, we decided to repeat this. February 5, 2007 the ORFEUS ExeCom will meet. On the agenda are, besides the general ORFEUS issues, also specifics like:

  • The European-Mediterranean Seismological Service, i.e. forming the collaboration between ORFEUS and the EMSC, Relevant earlier strategy documents can be found on: under publications.
  • The ORFEUS – NERIES integration of activities, i.e. how can we involve more ORFEUS participants within the NERIES developments.
  • The Bucharest workshop and its program
  • User interface requirements and its design and integration with the European data infrastructure.
  • The possibility and desirability of ORFEUS participant meetings

ORFEUS participants can receive ExeCom meeting minutes on request from the Secretary General, Torild van Eck. Please, do not hesitate to forward ideas, suggestions, etc., relevant to the ORFEUS activities to the same address.

Annual ORFEUS board and ExeCom meetings in Zurich , June 14, 2007

June 11-14, 2007 the NERIES General Assembly will take place in Zurich , Switzerland . As a step towards a broad involvement of the ORFEUS and EMSC community within NERIES we planned the annual ORFEUS and EMSC meetings at the same time and place, Zurich , June 14, 2007. ORFEUS will have there an ExeCom and a board meeting. More detailed program will appear on the ORFEUS announcement web pages.

GEO related news

The Group of Earth Observation is a global organisation with membership open to UN member states and the EC. Organizations can also participate. The International Federation for Digital Seismograph Networks (FDSN) represents currently the seismological community in GEO.

GEO has its targets formulated in its 10-year implementation plan of “The Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS), but has essentially no funding. However, the EC bases much of its GMES Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) priorities, but also other funding programme priorities on the GEOSS plan. Consequently, it is relevant to follow the GEO activities, especially task DI-06-02. Rhett Butler (GSN program, IRIS) leads this task. ORFEUS is also involved.

There are many GEO meetings and a huge amount of documents floating around. Together with the EMSC, ORFEUS aims at keeping its participants informed of relevant new developments within GEO.

Relevant upcoming meeting is:

  • "GEO-related" Information Day will be organised by DG RTD in Brussels on 15 January 2007. The main focus will be on FP7 opportunities for Earth Observation research activity under Theme 6 "Environment". Some Earth Observation related activities supervised by other Commission services, including DG INFSO, will also be presented (e.g. GMES, Support to Research Infrastructure, ICT for the Environment and INSPIRE).

If you wish to receive more information, please, check the links or contact the ORFEUS staff.

FP7 – Seventh Framework program of the EC

The EC has started its 7 th Framework program. On the ORFEUS announcement web pages we maintain relevant info and links on this program and its opportunities.

ORFEUS staff expanded with the NERIES project

The staff at ORFEUS has been changing and expanded.

Femke Goutbeek left the ORFEUS activities to lead full time the Dutch observatory analysis team.

Alessandro Spinuso has become our new web developer, responsible for web portal developments in close collaboration with other NERIES partners.

Peter de Boer enforced the software development team and works in close collaboration with GFZ on the distributed archive as planned within NERIES.

Lucas Calje is currently responsible for the real-time data collecting and archiving system and is upgrading the hardware systems at Orfeus Data Center .

Patricia van der Kooij is the NERIES project assistant and contact point at ORFEUS and the KNMI for NERIES management issues. She also maintains the NERIES project portal.

An overview of the current staff, the people in the board, execom and working groups, etc can be found here.


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