Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 6, no 2 December 2004 Orfeus Newsletter


  • Introducing the logo
    At the last board meeting the new ORFEUS logo was presented. It will gradually be introduced within all ORFEUS activities.

  • ORFEUS new web pages and new address
    Within the first months of 2005 the ORFEUS web pages will be re-organised. The intention is to provide an improved clear and quick access to the data, the services and information. The new web pages will be introduced together with a new web address to be announced in the next newsletter.

  • New editors ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter
    Lars Ottemöller (BGS, UK) and Jochen Braunmiller (ETHZ, Switzerland) have been active within the newsletter before. They will from 2005 take over part of the editor responsibilities.

  • IRIS-ORFEUS workshop in Palmanova, Italy
    February 28 - March 6, 2005 IRIS, ORFEUS and Trieste University organise the workshop 'Understanding and Managing information from Seismological Networks' with financial support of UNESCO, IASPEI, OGS, AGLC and the Regional Civil Defense in Udine, Italy. The workshop venue is Palmanova, between Trieste and Udine in Italy. Unfortunately the interest has been overwelming and we have been forced to close the registration. However, both IRIS and ORFEUS are considering a new similar workshop in the near future.

  • AfricaArray workshop in Palmanova, Italy
    Andy Nyblade (Penn State University, USA) coordinates the AfricaArray initiative. Prior to the IRIS-ORFEUS workshop, on the weekend February 26-27, 2005 there will be an AfricaArray workshop in Palmanova to encourage European scientists to participate within this initiative. Registration information will appear on the Trieste University and the ORFEUS announcement web pages.

  • SeisComP/SeedLink users workshop
    A workshop on SeisComP and SeedLink will be held on April 5-6, 2005 in Prague, Czech Republic preceding the MEREDIAN meeting in Prague. SeisComP, but especially SeedLink has become important within the European observatory community and data exchange. The SeisComp and SeedLink are shareware. Its maintenance is coordinated by GFZ. More information on the workshop will appear on the ORFEUS Announcement web pages.

  • ORFEUS WG1: Submit station database information on-line The ORFEUS BB station information database maintains an overview over existing and operating BB stations in Europe and direct vicinity. Josep Vila (chairman of ORFEUS Working Group 1) has been coordinating this. Currently, new station information or corrections can be submitted on-line

  • EGU Symposium Towards a European Reference Model
    CALL FOR ABSTRACTS at the EGU, Vienna, Austria, 24 - 29 April 2005
    Deadline abstract submission: January 21, 2005
    SM13 Towards a European Reference Model
    The convenors of this session, SM13, invite contributions.
    Reference Earth models are the bread and butter of any seismologist, but there is surprisingly little consensus on common references in seismological practice and research. All this is particularly true for Europe, where the uppermost mantle structure is very complex on a small lateral scale. Making a reference Earth model that is accepted by a large community, and is actually used in seismological practice, is a long process, and involves a lot of people from a large group of disciplines. The very characteristics that define a 'good' reference model may be subject of debate, as they are connected to the specific applications. The aim of this session is to stimulate this discussion within the broad European seismological community, and try and make an inventory of possible ingredients for a European reference Earth model. Any contributions from earthquake location, analyses of body and surface wave travel times, and seismic tomography, at various scales, which illustrate the importance, requirements, and uses of such a reference are welcome. This session is sponsored by the SPICE Consortium, a Marie Curie Research Training Network.
    Andrea Morelli morelli@ingv.it
    Jeannot Trampert jeannot@geo.uu.nl

  • EC 6th framework proposal NERIES2
    Currently, a new initiative is underway to submit a revised proposal "Network of Research Infrastructure for European Seismology (NERIES)" within the 6th framework Specific Programme "Structuring the European Research Area" [FP6-2002-Infrastructures-1], specifically "Integrating Activities". Coordinator is: Domenico Giardini.

  • Preparation EC 7th framework programme
    Preparations for the EC 7th framework programme are on-going. ORFEUS and the EMSC maintain information pages on these preparations. (see Announcements pages)

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