Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 5, no 2 September 2003 Orfeus Newsletter

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Articles and News
Moment tensor determinations for the Ibero-Maghrebian region: 9 (148 kB)
Daniel Stich et al.
Moment tensor determinations in Europe (continued)

Near Real Time Data at NORSAR for CTBT Monitoring: 10 (161 kB)
J. Fyen and K. Iranpour
More then 30 years of experience in data communication and processing

EVO (Evora, Portugal) a broad-band station and GRC (Garchy, France) a broad-band observatory; two stations of the GEOSCOPE network : 11 (241 kB)
G. Roult et al.
The characterization of two BB stations to be abandoned

The Republican Center of Seismological Service of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbeijan: 12 (72 kB)
T. Tagiev and A. Gasanov
A new modern network in Azerbeijan

Short notes
New Publications: 13 (6 kB)

Practical reference for seismological observatories

ORFEUS announcements: 14 (7 kB)

Data availability at the ODC

EC 6th framework proposal NERIES

EMICES workshop in Athens. September 22-24, 2003

MEREDIAN Annual meeting. September 25-26, 2003

EMICES meeting in Cyprus. September 10-13, 2003

VEBSN has its own webpage

Broadband station database at ORFEUS

Unique seismometer overview on the web

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