Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 5, no 2 September 2003 Orfeus Newsletter


  • Data availability at the ODC
    The data availability at Orfeus Data Center is being re-structured. The up-to-date status can be found on ODC-online.

  • EC 6th framework proposal NERIES
    The proposal "Network of Research Infrastructure for European Seismology (NERIES)" for the 6th framework Specific Programme "Structuring the European Research Area" [FP6-2002-Infrastructures-1], specifically "Integrating Activities", has been submitted April 15, 2003.
    At the end of August we have received an evaluation report and a rejection. Unfortunately. However, we are presently considering the options to resubmit parts and/or an improved version in 2004. Domenico Giardini, the proposal coordinator, and several others believe we have a good basis and a constructive evaluation. The proposal is available on CD-ROM on request from ORFEUS. The proposal evaluation is available on our ftp site. ORFEUS participants and NERIES participants will be kept informed on the actions planned.

  • EMICES workshop in Athens. September 22-24, 2003
    ORFEUS WG4 is organising a workshop within the EMICES project:
    "Distributed, Object Oriented Computing for Seismology"
    Place: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Department of Geophysics, Athens, Greece.
    Local organiser: Nicholas Voulgaris
    Program coordinator: Anthony Lomax

  • MEREDIAN Annual meeting, September 25-26, 2003
    Within the MEREDIAN project we will have the first annual meeting gathering all 18 participants. This meeting will take place after the ORFEUS workshop in Athens.
    Place: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Department of Geophysics, Athens, Greece.
    Local organiser: Gerry Chouliaras.
    Meeting coordinator: Torild van Eck

  • EMICES meeting in Cyprus. September 10-13, 2003. Nikosia
    Within the EMICES project the EMSC coordinates together with UNESCO, USGS and the Geological Survey of Cyprus the meeting: "Seismic hazard and data exchange within the Mediterranean"
    The main intention is to provide a venue to discuss and plan mutual cooperation in the fields of data exchange and seismic hazard analysis.
    Local organiser: Geological Survey Department Cyprus (George Petrides and Kyriacos Solomi)
    European coordinator: Rémy Bossu (EMSC)

  • VEBSN has its own web page
    Information about its status, planning, data and related developments can presently be found on the VEBSN web pages.

  • Broadband station database at ORFEUS
    Josep Vila (chairman of WG1) and the ODC staff (notably Lucas Caljé, Chad Trabant and Femke Goutbeek) have mad an MySQL database containing the available information of BB station in and around Europe. The databasequery is accessable on the ORFEUS WG1 web pages. If you have additional information, please, contact Femke Goutbeek at ORFEUS.

  • Unique seismometer overview on the web
    Josep Vila (chairman of WG1) has made, with the assistance of some colleagues, an excellent and comprehensive overview of BB seismometers and high resolution acquisition systems. The present site is not permanent, but it will always be linked in the ORFEUS WG1 and the ORFEUS WG2 web pages.
    We will appreciate your assistance in improving these pages. Therefore, please, if you have suggestions, corrections or additions contact Josep Vila or the ORFEUS staff.

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