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Volume 5, no 1 March 2003 Orfeus Newsletter

ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter

The Orfeus Electronic Newsletter aims at disseminating rapidly relevant information to the Orfeus community within the European-Mediterranean area. You are encouraged to submit contributions in the form of an article, news or announcements according to the authors instructions to Orfeus.

Articles and News
Fast determination of moment tensors for the recent Molise (southern Italy) seismic sequence: 2 (354 kB)
S. Pondrelli et al.
Rapid moment tensor determinations using near real-time European-Mediterranean data

Turn to the worm: Seismic network operation using the USGS Earthworm system: 3 (120 kB)
Paul S. Earle et al.
An attractive open software alternative, presently only incidentally used in Europe

The Kandilli Observatory Real-Time Automated Seismic Data Processing System: 4 (231 kB)
Dean Childs and Ahu Kömeç
EarthWorm application in Turkey

Linux based LISS systems. The ISEV and SISLook examples: 5 (186 kB)
A. Llobet et al.
How to construct your life seismogram on the Internet

NET-RECORDER: a real-time application to visualize digital seismic data on the Internet with an analog drumrecorder: 6 (145 kB)
Reinoud Sleeman and Arie van Wettum
In the digital age. How do I get my drumrecorder back again?

ORFEUS announcements: 7 (6 kB)

Data availability at the ODC

EC 6th framework proposal NERIES

EMICES workshop in Athens. September 22-24, 2003

MEREDIAN ammendment

MEREDIAN extension

ORFEUS workshop CDROMs

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