Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 5, no 1 March 2003 Orfeus Newsletter


  • Data availability at the ODC
    The data availability at Orfeus Data Center is being re-structured. The up-to-date status can be found on ODC-online.
    • Spyder® is presently not supported any more, neither by ORFEUS nor other larger data centers. The real-time data exchange developments are replacing this. At ORFEUS this means the availability of AutoDRM access to the continuous data buffer and extracted event data in the POND data.
    • The data archive has been extended significantly. Complete ODC-volumes from 1996-1998 and some major networks from 1999-2000 are now available on our ftp site. Soon, this data will also be available through Wilber.

  • EC 6th framework proposal NERIES
    ORFEUS and EMSC are presently coordinating a proposal for the 6th framework Specific Programme "Structuring the European Research Area" [FP6-2002-Infrastructures-1] and specifically "Integrating Activities".
    The proposal is called Network of Research Infrastructures for European Seismology (NERIES).
    Preparations started at a meeting in De Bilt on January 16-17, 2003.

  • EMICES workshop in Athens. September 22-24, 2003
    ORFEUS WG4 is organising a workshop within the EMICES project:
    "Distributed, Object Oriented Computing for Seismology"
    Place: National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Department of Geophysics, Athens, Greece.
    Local organiser: Nicholas Voulgaris

  • MEREDIAN ammendment
    The MEREDIAN project has been extended with an ammendment. Eight new countries ( MEREDIAN-2 participants) have been added to the consortium. This includes also extra funding.

  • MEREDIAN extension
    The MEREDIAN project duration has been extended with 18 months till April 30, 2005.

  • ORFEUS workshop CDROMs
    The presentations and other material of the ORFEUS workshop on "Real time data exchange within Europe" organised within the EMICES project has been gathered on a CDROM, which has been distributed among its participants. A few copies are still available primarily for ORFEUS participants. Non-participants have to pay the production and sending costs.

    The same has been done for the ORFEUS workshop in Istanbul "Installation and operation of broadband seismograph stations". The CDROMs will soon be distributed among the participants. Extra copies are available, primarily for ORFEUS participants. Non-participants have to pay the production and sending costs.

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