Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 4, no 2 September 2002 Orfeus Newsletter

ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter

The Orfeus Electronic Newsletter aims at disseminating rapidly relevant information to the Orfeus community within the European-Mediterranean area. You are encouraged to submit contributions in the form of an article, news or announcements according to the authors instructions to Orfeus.

Articles and News
The Earthquake Monitoring Network of Oman, Phase I: 9 (417 kB)
Zuhair EL-Isa and Mathias Franke
A new modern short period seismograph network in Oman to monitor local earthquakes.

Coordinated seismic experiment in the Azores: 10 (248 kB)
Graša Silveira et al.
A temporary deployment of VBB stations in the Azores.

Destructive earthquake in Afghanistan (Hindu Kush) on March 25, 2002: 11 (273 kB)
O. Starovoit, S. Yunga, I. Gabsatatova and L. Chepkunas
Determination of the different earthquake parameters by the Russian broadband network.

A Seismological Overview on the Changureh (Avaj, Iran) Earthquake of 22 June 2002, Mw=6.3: 12 (1322 kB)
Mehdi Zare
A first analysis of the June 22, 2002 earthquake with both global and local data

Short notes
Developments at ORFEUS and its Data Center: 13 (122 kB)
Torild van Eck, Bernard Dost, Chad Trabant, Reinoud Sleeman and Femke Goutbeek
New data management structure at the ODC, Working Groups update and other information

ORFEUS announcements: 14 (8 kB)

Real-time data available at the ODC

Expression of Interest for the EC 6th framework programme

EMICES workshop in Barcelona. October 23-25, 2002

Third annual MEREDIAN meeting

ORFEUS workshop on instrumentation in Istanbul, November 18-20, 2002

Second European Antelope Users Group Meeting

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