Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 4, no 1 May 2002 Orfeus Newsletter

ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter

The Orfeus Electronic Newsletter aims at disseminating rapidly relevant information to the Orfeus community within the European-Mediterranean area. You are encouraged to submit contributions in the form of an article, news or announcements according to the authors instructions to Orfeus.

Articles and News
Geostar, the European prototype-node of incoming seafloor networks: 2 (1163 kB)
Paolo Favali and Laura Beranzoli
European prototype of a deep-sea observatory for geophysical, oceanographic and environmental measurements.

The DESERT passive experiment 2000/2001 in the Middle-East: 3 (623 kB)
G. Bock et al.
Studying the crust and upper mantle in and around the southern part of the Dead Sea Rift fault system.

The seismic network of the Geophysical Survey of the Russian Academy of Sciences: 4 (661 kB)
O. Starovoit and V. Mishatkin
An overview of the Earthquake monitoring networks in Russia and their product.

Towards a Virtual European Broadband Seismograph Network: 5 (266 kB)
T. van Eck et al.
A European initiative realizing (near) real-time earthquake data exchange for monitoring and research.

Short notes
Internet site for European strong-motion data: 6 (338 kB)
N.N. Ambraseys, J. Douglas, B. Margaris, R. Sigbjörnsson, P. Smit and P. Suhadolc
An on-line European strong motion data base.

ORFEUS announcements: 7 (8 kB)

Long-term strategy plan within ORFEUS

MEREDIAN progress

EMICES EC-project approved
ORFEUS workshop on "real-time data exchange in Europe"
October 23-25, 2002. Barcelona, Spain.

ORFEUS "instrumentation" workshop
November 18-20, 2002. Istanbul, Turkey.

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