Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 4, no 1 May 2002 Orfeus Newsletter


  • Long-term strategy plan within ORFEUS

    ORFEUS strategy plan
    July 3-5, 2001 the KNMI hosted the "Strategy meeting on data exchange for European Seismology" with the goals to review the present needs and trends in Europe and to establish the future policy for ORFEUS. At the EGS General Asembly in Nice, April 22, 2002 a follow-up meeting discussed a number of practical issues to follow this up. At the ORFEUS board meeting, the same day, general agreement was reached about an ORFEUS strategy plan.

    Expression of Interest
    Parallel discussions took place on preparing an Expression of Interest (EoI) for a Network of Excellence towards the 6th framework programme of the EC:
    "Network of Excellence of Research and Infrastructures for European Seismology."
    The main objective of such an EoI is to provide the EC with additional information for formulating the first calls. These EoI do not receive any feedback. More EC information can be found on the ORFEUS announcements pages. The complete EoI has not been finalized when this newsletter came out, but it will be made accessible on the ORFEUS web pages.

    ESF Science Report
    Also towards the ESF the European seismological community is preparing a case for stronger European scale support for seismology in Europe. A science report is being prepared by European seismologists and coordinated by the ORFEUS ExeCom. Please, contact Jan Zednik (email: jzd@ig.cas.cz) if you would like to contribute.

  • MEREDIAN: complementary EC-proposal
    ORFEUS has submitted a proposal "MEREDIAN-2" to add Newly Associated States (NAS) to the ongoing MEREDIAN project. Participants from eight candidate EU countries have joined in the proposal. The objective is to include these participants within the MEREDIAN initiative to exchange data in real time and to improve their waveform data archives and its accessibility.

  • EMICES: A new EC-project at ORFEUS
    May 1, 2002 a new EC-project within Accompanying Measures has started. EMICES stands for European Mediterranean Infrastructure Co-ordination for Eearthquake Seismology. Co-ordinator is the Seismology Division of the KNMI and in practical terms the ORFEUS staff. Participants in this project are:
    European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre, Bruyères-le-Chatêl, France.
    Institut d'Estudis Catalans, Laboratori d'Estudis Geofísics "Eduard Fontserè", Barcelona, Spain.
    National and Capodistrian University of Athens, Department of Geophysics, Athens, Greece.
    Geological Survey Department, Ministery of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Nikosia, Cyprus.

    This project intends to organize three workshops:
    "Real time data exchange within Europe" (ORFEUS WG1 workshop)
    Place: Barcelona, Spain. Date: October 23-25, 2002. Details and upcoming announcements can be found on the EMICES web pages
    "Distributed, Object Oriented Computing for Seismology" (ORFEUS WG4 workshop)
    Place: Athens, Greece. Date: in 2003. Details and upcoming announcements can be found on the EMICES web pages
    "Seismic hazard and data exchange within the Mediterranean"
    Place: Nikosia, Cyprus. Date: in 2003/2004. Details and upcoming announcements can be found on the EMICES web pages

  • ORFEUS workshop in Istanbul
    ORFEUS WG2 is organising its third workshop on
    "Installation and operation of broad-band seismograph stations". Host: Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute (KOERI), Istanbul, Turkey. Date: November 18-20, 2002
    Details and upcoming announcements can be found on the ORFEUS web pages
    This ORFEUS and Kandilli sponsored workshop is intended for station operators, advanced students in seismology and other people directly involved in practicalities of modern broad-band seismograph stations. The workshop provides an opportunity to be confronted with the state-of-the-art knowledge on broad-band recording and basic data processing by highly experienced network operators and specialists. Emphasis will be put on 'hands-on' practice with seismometers, dataloggers and relevant software. The workshop also provides an ideal opportunity to discuss station or network specific problems with the lecturers.

    In order to keep the workshop efficient, the number of participants will be limited to, at most, 35 persons. Therefore, please register in time. In case of over booking Orfeus keeps the right to select among the registrations. Preference will be given to Orfeus participants and a number of places will be reserved for Turkish participants.

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