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Volume 3, no 2 December 2001 Orfeus Newsletter

New developments within MEREDIAN

Torild van Eck
ORFEUS, KNMI, Wilhelminalaan 10, 3730 AE De Bilt, The Netherlands


MEREDIAN, is a project (contract EVR1-CT-2000-40007) in the 5th Framework under the Environment and Sustainable Development programme and Support for Research Infrastructure action and is an acronym for Mediterranean-European Rapid Earthquake Data Information and Archiving Network.

Goal of this project is to initialize real-time waveform data exchange in Europe and to make large quantities of waveform data, hitherto not accessible, available to the reasearch community. To reach these goals significant investments are presently made at ORFEUS and several large European National Observatories. Details of this work can be followed on the MEREDIAN web pages.

Second MEREDIAN meeting, October 1-2, 2001

Goal of this meeting is to summarize the progress during the first year and to plan and co-ordinate the work for the next 12 months within the project. Minutes of this and other meetings can be found on the MEREDIAN participant information pages

Real time data gathering at ORFEUS

Within the MEREDIAN project ORFEUS has recently received an updated version of Antelope®. The ORB-to-ORB connections with ZAMG, Austria and EARS, Slovenia work well. Data import from GEOFON (GFZ) and other SeisComP stations is also very stable. Presently, a prototype of a European Virtual Broadband Seismograph Network is operating. The real-time communication software SeisComP/SeedLink, developed by GFZ, is an important element in realizing real-time data transfer in Europe. Details on these developments can be found in the newsletter article written by Chad Trabant (ORFEUS).

Preparation of MEREDIAN-2 project

The MEREDIAN consortium is preparing a complementary EC-proposal to connect "Newly Associated States" (NAS) to the MEREDIAN initiatives. NAS states, according to the EC definition, comprises the countries Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The next MEREDIAN meeting in 2002

The next MEREDIAN meeting is preliminary planned for October 2002 in Barcelona in conjunction with an EMICES workshop "Real-time data exchange in Europe".
Informal MEREDIAN related meetings are also planned for the ESC General Assembly in Genoa, Italy, September 1-6, 2002.

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