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Volume 3, no 2 December 2001 Orfeus Newsletter

New EC-project at ORFEUS: EMICES

EMICES consortium and Torild van Eck1
1 ORFEUS, c/o Seismology Division, Royal Netherlands Meteorologcal Institute (KNMI), P.O.Box 201, 3730 AE De Bilt, The Netherlands.


EMICES an acronym for European-Mediterranean Infrastructure Co-ordination for Earthquake Seismology, is a 2-year project to organise three European workshops and is sponsored by the EC programme for Accompanying Measures. EMICES is an integral part of the MEREDIAN initiative. With the EMICES project we intend to co-ordinate developments within the MEREDIAN consortium with related developments elsewhere. For pragmatic reasons related to legal aspects, the KNMI is the co-ordinator and not ORFEUS, however, the co-ordinator is also SG of ORFEUS.

The three EMICES workshops

Real time data exchange within Europe
Venue: Barcelona
Preliminary date: October 2002
Local organiser: Institut d'Estudis Catalans; Josep Vila
Co-organiser: ORFEUS; Torild van Eck
The objective of this workshop is to co-ordinate the different developments and initiatives for real-time (or 'life') earthquake data exchange within Europe. Further, we hope to establish a consensus on the further joint developments on a European scale. This workshop will probably be organised in conjunction with the second annual MEREDIAN meeting.

Distributed, Object-Oriented Computing for Seismology
Venue: Athens
Preliminary date: spring 2003
Local organiser: Department of Geophysics of Athens University; Nicholas Voulgaris
Co-organiser: ORFEUS; Torild van Eck
The objective is to co-ordinate different initiatives for Internet software developments aiming at facilitating earthquake data exchange and earthquake information distribution. Special attention will go to relevant Object Oriented (OO) software developments. This workshop will be co-ordinated through ORFEUS WG4 with similar developments initiated by the IRIS-DMC. Anthony Lomax has been asked to prepare an electronic lecture series that can be obtained through the web. Its intention is to teach prospective participants essential parts of OO software as applied in seismological applications. This has been done as the workshop is primarily meant for people who have already experience with OO software.

Seismic hazard and data exchange within the Mediterranean area
Venue: Nicosia
Preliminary date: Autumn 2003
Organiser: EMSC; Florence Rivière
Local organiser: Geological Survey of Cyprus; Soteris Kramvis
The objective is to set up an improved (rapid) data exchange infrastructure for earthquake data over the European-Mediterranean region. The aim of this infrastructure is to determine rapidly, more accurate locations and magnitudes/moment-tensor estimates for earthquakes in this region. Improving exchange of relevant seismic hazard data and disaster preparedness related issues will also be important issues. This workshop will be co-ordinated with the on-going RELEMR initiative of the USGS. Therefore both the USGS and UNESCO will participate in the organisation.


The intention is to keep the workshop relatively small in order to optimize the interaction between the participants. We encourage those interested in actively participating to contact the respective organisers with suggestions and intention of participation. The workshops will be announces on both the ORFEUS and EMSC web pages when more exact dates are available.

Project specifics

EC-PROPOSAL: EVR1-2001-00030
CONTRACT: EVR1-xx-xxxx-xxxxx
PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR: Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) / Seismological Division: Torild van Eck
EMICES CONSORTIUM (and contacts):

PROJECT START: Spring 2002

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