Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 3, no 2 December 2001 Orfeus Newsletter


  • Strategy meeting on data exchange for European seismology
    On July 3-5, 2001 the KNMI hosted the "Strategy meeting on data exchange for European Seismology" with the goals to review the present needs and trends in Europe and to establish the future policy for ORFEUS. The meeting had 40 participants from 19 European countries, including a representative from the ESF and one from the LESC(ESF).
    The meeting provided a clear, but broad mandate to ORFEUS. These can be found summarized in a letter, dated 16 July 2001, sent to those who have shown interest in the meeting. Also a more detailed meeting protocol is available.
    Please, note that ORFEUS appreciates a continuous debate on its role in European seismology, therefore you are welcome to forward your opinion to the execom, staff and board of ORFEUS. The names and emails of whom you can find on the ORFEUS organisation web pages. Also, please, note that at the ESC meeting in Genoa ORFEUS will again hold a workmeeting intended for such discussions.

  • Data Center co-ordination meeting
    July 3-10, 2001 ORFEUS hosted a "Data Centre co-ordination meeting" in De Bilt, The Netherlands. Participants were IRIS-DMC and the major European Data Centres (ODC, Geofon, Geoscope, MedNet) and some observers. The goal was to co-ordinate a number of recent developments, a.o. Spyder® , Real-time data exchange, AutoDRM, SeedLink/SeisComP, Wilber, NetDC, Fissures, QuakeExplorer and Data Quality control. For more details, please, consult the minutes (doc-file).

  • 2001 ORFEUS Board meeting postponed to 2002
    The ORFEUS board agreed unanimously to postpone the 2001 meeting to the year 2002. Usually the board meetings are planned on large Geophysical meetings in Europe, which most of the board members attend. This year no such meeting took place this summer.

  • Basic Object Oriented Programming (BOOT) CAMP organised by IRIS-DMC
    The IRIS Data Management System would like to sponsor a workshop in the spring (2002) that will focus on how one develops client software utilizing the IRIS Fissures Data Handling Interface (DHI) model.
    The ORFEUS workshop in Athens within the EC-project EMICES will be co-ordinated with these IRIS-DMC developments.
    The IRIS DHI currently has three distinct types of services established at the IRIS DMC. These provide ways for distributed clients to receive information about
    • seismic events (Event Service),
    • seismic recording channels (Network Service), and
    • seismograms (Waveform Service)
    by interacting through the DHI model.
    The DMS is supporting the development of 6 different client-side applications that comply with the FISSURES / DHI model. We wish to encourage others who already develop in the object-oriented environment to learn how to work within the FISSURES model.
    For this reason, the IRIS DMS wishes to survey our community to see if there is significant interest in participating in a workshop hosted by IRIS. If you currently program in an object oriented language ( e.g. Java, C++) and are interested in attending a 5 day workshop hosted by IRIS sometime in the late spring, please fill out this simple form. (Deadline for expressing interest is January 15, 2002)
    If enough interest is expressed, we will contact you directly early next year with registration information. Remember, the BOOT Camp is not intended to teach you object-oriented programming but rather the fundamentals of the FISSURES / DHI data model.

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