Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 3, no 1 June 2001 Orfeus Newsletter

ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter

The Orfeus Electronic Newsletter aims at disseminating rapidly relevant information to the Orfeus community within the European-Mediterranean area. You are encouraged to submit contributions in the form of an article, news or announcements according to the authors instructions to Orfeus.

Articles and News
The French National Network of Seismic Survey: 2 (559 kB)
Michel Granet
The french federation of regional and broadband seismic networks.

The new broadband VSAT seismic network of the Institut Cartografic de Catalunya: 3 (553 kB)
X. Goula, J.A. Jara, T.Susagna and A. Roca
A regional network employing satellite data transmission

SEIS-UK; A new centre for seismic equipment and data management in the UK: 4 (734 kB)
Alex Brisbourne, Paul Denton and Seis-UK
A facility located in Leicester and setup by a consortium of four UK universities

QuakeExplorer - earthquake Internet browser and analysis tool: 5 (120 kB)
Anthony Lomax
An interactive tool; users friendly and easy to install. Also ideal for educational purposes.

Short notes
Implementing real-time data exchange at the ORFEUS Data Center: 6 (29 kB)
MEREDIAN developments in close co-operation with Geofon(Germany), ZAMG(Austria) and GSS (Slovenia).

MEREDIAN updates: 7 (6 kB)
progress within project MEREDIAN.

ORFEUS announcements: 8 (5 kB)

Long-term European strategy discussion in seismological research, July 4, 2001

Data Center co-ordination meeting, July 6-10, 2001

New ORFEUS staff member

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