Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 3, no 1 June 2001 Orfeus Newsletter


  • Long-term European strategy meeting
    July 3-5, 2001 a meeting will be held in de Bilt, The Netherlands to discuss the long-term strategy for a European infrastructure of data exchange and archiving of seismological data. The intention is to summarize a five (approximately) page science plan for the European Science Foundation (ESF). Details on the meeting can be found on the Orfeus web pages.

  • Data Center co-ordination meeting
    Developments within the EC-project MEREDIAN at the ODC requires presently close co-ordination with IRIS-DMC to avoid separate and ineffective developments. Therefore, the IRIS-DMC and ODC scheduled an informal co-ordination meeting in De Bilt, The Netherlands July 5-9, 2001. The ODC invited also Geofon, Geoscope and MedNet to participate in these discussions. More details can be found on the MEREDIAN pages.

  • New chairman for ORFEUS WG3 proposed
    As Hanneke Paulssen (Utrecht University) has asked to be replaced as chair(wo)man of ORFEUS WG3 we found Paul Denton prepared to replace her. Paul will be proposed as the new chairman at the next ORFEUS board meeting. An informal meeting between three national mobile equipment pools (France, Germany and UK) was held to discuss possible co-ordination of archiving, formating, etc. as part of a new initiative within WG3.

  • Chad Trabant has joined the ORFEUS team
    On April 1, 2001 Chad Trabant joined the ORFEUS team, within the MEREDIAN project. Chad received his MSc. in Geophysics/Seismology from the University of Winconsin, Madison, USA. Chad's main task will be to install Antelope at the ODC and make it operational with real-time data gathering procedures (i.e. plugins) for selected stations in Europe and its surroundings. Further, he will be involved in most data gathering procedures relevant within MEREDIAN. This includes NetDC and Near-real time procedures. His work will also be co-ordinated with developments at IRIS-DMC.

  • ORFEUS software pages updates
    The ORFEUS Software Library can be searched (see the Software working group pages) to find the right pages. To search the individual pages on specific software, we recommend to use the search feature in your browser.
    We also regularly update the pages with new software. We usually do not announce the specific updates, but make them available as soon as we have obtained information on where to find it or received the software for archiving. However, we would like to bring to your attention a simple GSE read and write utility in C written by Stefan Stange.

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