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Volume 2, no 2 Augus 2000 Orfeus Newsletter

European Java/CORBA initiative

Object Oriented (OO) programming for practical seismological tools benefits from a co-ordinated approach. IRIS Data Management Center (DMC) and University of South Carolina USC have developed a number of relevant Java classes and CORBA interfaces for seismological applications within the FISSURES project. Recently, May 2-4, 2000 ORFEUS organised a workshop "The use of Java in seismological applications". A better title would have been, according to one of the main organisers, Anthony Lomax,: "Distributed computing in earthquake seismology". The intention of this workshop was to review the state-of-the-art with regard to OO programming in earthquake seismology and to investigate the possibilities for co-ordination of the efforts presently under way. An overview over all Java/CORBA related (European) initiatives is maintained by the ORFEUS software working group.

A number of initiatives have been started:

Some other projects are pending on the MEREDIAN contract signing by the EC, among others:

  • Developing OO modules for reading and viewing SEED data. In a related development IRIS DMC will soon come out with a java version (i.e. "platform independent") of rdseed.
  • Java/CORBA workshop(s) on an introductory and/or higher level

    We would like to invite new initiatives and/or participation. ORFEUS is prepared to offer assistance as co-ordinator and organiser. Please, contact Manfred Baer or Torild van Eck or post a message on the email server fissures-dev@iris.washington.edu.

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