Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 2, no 1 March 2000 Orfeus Newsletter

ORFEUS Working Group 2
Technical support group for broad-band seismometer users

Damiano Pesaresi Chairman WG2
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica (ING), Via di Vigna Murata 605, 00143 Roma, Italy

1999 report - 2000 plan

I consider the year 1999 a good one for the ORFEUS Working Group 2. Surely we did well in organizing two good technical meeting, in the framework of IUGG in Birmingham in July and AGU fall meeting in San Francisco in December (see agendas attached). In both meeting we tried to stress the need for a standard for testing of seismometers (Standards for seismometer Testing: A progress report by Bob Hutt from Albuquerque Seismological Lab), standard to be used by both users and manufacturers. We also tried to give some results and guidelines for seismometers and digitizers calibration and testing. This is an area where we proved to be efficient: moreover we will improve, because we are planning to realize some focused publications, following the spirit of the instrumentation at AGU, "Pressure and Temperature Influence in Seismology".

Those publications, although not necessarily new for experienced seismologists, will hopefully help new users. And this is maybe something we should think about. After all, what's the ORFEUS WG2 for? Originally, it was meant to provide help for people facing for the first time problems in establishing seismic stations/networks. We also have an automatic email query service for asking this kind of questions, but as far as I know, it was used only once. Of course, we provide detailed information in our web site (see for example " Overview of BB Seismometers", and " High Resolution Data Acquisition Systems", both initiated by Jan Zednik), but it is difficult to know how many people had access to it.

I believe that our efforts are only recognized within people that don't need them: the already experienced seismologists! Consequently, it is my intention, if supported by ORFEUS management, to try to reach in the year 2000 the real 'users' of the WG2: universities, observatories, etc. Again, I hope that I will be supported in making these publications: not only by ORFEUS, but also by the WG2 members. It would be also a good idea to get contribution from others: network operators, institutions, etc. This is the right time: if anybody wants to join us, you are more than welcome!

IUGG meeting, Birmingham, July 1999

  • CTBTO/IMS specifications for seismic stations (D. Pesaresi)
  • Earth Data 24 bit data logger test results (K.H. Jaeckel)
  • Absolute and relative calibration of broad band seismometers (E. Wielandt)
  • Review of Standard for Seismometer Testing (B. Hutt)
  • Future steps next meeting (D. Pesaresi)

AGU fall meeting "Pressure and Temperature Influence in Seismology", December 1999

  • Introduction (D. Pesaresi)
  • Experience running a seismic network (W. Hanka)
  • Guidelines for installing broadband seismic instrumentation (B. Uhrhammer)
  • A simple method for noise reduction in vertical seismic records below 2 mHz using local barometric pressure (R. Widmer-Schnidrig)
  • Improving seismic signal/noise ratio by mean of microbarometers (G. Roult)
  • How pressure influences STS-1 seismometers: steel plates (B. Hutt)
  • Review of Standards for Seismometer Testing (B. Hutt)
  • Orientation of borehole seismometers using horizontal surface instruments (B. Hutt)
  • Conclusions; Next instrumentation meeting, ORFEUS/FDSN cooperation (D. Pesaresi)

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