Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 1, no 3 October 1999 Orfeus Newsletter


  • ORFEUS in Birmingham IUGG99

    ORFEUS workmeeting. Discussions about the ORFEUS operation and summarized in the minutes. ORFEUS participants are invited to vent their opinion either to the ORFEUS ExeCom (President Jan Zednik or the ESC Scientific Advisory Committe (SAC) (among others George Helffrig).
    ORFEUS board meeting. Domenico Giardini (ETH ZÜrich) has replaced Ota Kulhanek (Uppsala University) as president of the board. Ota has been president since the birth of ORFEUS. Winfried Hanka (GFZ, Potsdam) has replaced Michael Weber (GFZ, Potsdam) as German representative in the board. George Stavrakakis (NOA-IG, Athens) has joined the board representing Greece.
    ORFEUS Executive Committee (ExeCom). Jan Zednik (CAS GI, Prague) has replaced Winfried Hanka (GFZ, Potsdam) as president of the ExeCom. Roderick Stewart (IMS/CTBTO, Vienna) has joined the ExeCom as new member.
    ORFEUS Working Groups. The working groups on "station siting", "technical support" and "software" had meetings. Results of these meetings will appear on their respective web sites and the newsletter. Workshops are planned on "Java in seismology" and "Deployment of Mobile networks" for the year 2000.

  • GSE2SEED version 1.0

    Version 1.0 of GSE2SEED is available. This new version converts GSE2.0 to full SEED provided that all information (including poles and zeros formulation of the response function) is available in the GSE format. Please, report problems, bugs or suggestions for improvement to Reinoud Sleeman.

  • ODC-volumes 27 - 37 are out

    11 new CDROMs have been printed and are being sent to the participants. They contain the complete SEED volumes for events during 1994. For any comments on these volumes, please, contact Läslo Evers.

  • SEED volumes on WILBER

    The intention is to replace the SPEED access to the SEED data by ORFEUS Wilber. Consequently, the ODC-volumes for 1992 - 1995 are presently available through WILBER.
    Note: Please note that we plan to replace old Spyder® data as new quality controlled SEED data becomes available. Old data in Spyder® from stations in the European-Mediterranean area are replaced by quality controlled SEED data. Old Spyder® data from stations not in the region are replaced by quality controlled data available at IRIS.
    Any comments or suggestions, please, contact: Bernard Dost or Läslo Evers.

  • EC-project MEREDIAN positively evaluated

    The KNMI co-ordinated an EC proposal 'MEREDIAN' for the benefit of ORFEUS. This proposal submitted June 1999 to the EC program "Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development" under "Support for Research Infrastructure" has received a "favourable evaluation". This means that contract negotiations with the EC have been started.

    The project includes as participants: KNMI (De Bilt) IGN (Madrid), ING (Rome), NOA-IG (Athens), GFZ (Potsdam), CNRS (Nice), ZAMG (Vienna), ETH (Zuerich), NORSAR (Kjeller) and GSS (Ljublijana). Co-ordinator is Torild van Eck of the KNMI/ORFEUS.
    Details on the project will appear on the web and in the Newsletter when the contract signing has been finalized.

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