Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 1, no 1 January 1999 Orfeus Newsletter

ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter

This is the first issue of the Orfeus Electronic Newsletter following an initiative of the Board of Directors of Orfeus at the 1998 ESC meeting in Tel Aviv. The goal of this Newsletter is to disseminate rapidly and with minimal costs information relevant to the Orfeus community within the European-Mediterranean area. Orfeus invites contributions. Please, do not hesitate to vent your opinion, comments, ideas, etc. to Orfeus (Torild van Eck).

Articles and News
ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter: Scope and authors guidelines: 2 (7 kB)

Why an ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter?: 3 (6 kB)
Torild van Eck, Bernard Dost, Ota Kulhanek and Winfried Hanka

The GEOFON Program: 4 (130 kB)
Winfried Hanka
A European BB network with global ambitions: station distribution and data access.

New temporary broadband stations in the larger Mediterranean region: 5 (310 kB)
Suzan van der Lee, Domenico Giardini, Charles Estabrook, Anne Deschamps and Claudio Chiarabba
Project MIDSEA

ORFEUS Working group 1: BB siting and station standards: 6 (6 kB)
Jan Zednik
The status and plans. Presentation of a.o. the station inventory and station book for the European-Mediterranean area.

Inventory of Data from Seismographic Networks of the World: 7 (7 kB)
John Lahr, Willie Lee and Torild van Eck
Call for European/Mediterranean Seismic Network Contributors

Short notes
Orfeus workshop: 8 (10 kB)
Nov 9-12, 1998 Prague. "Installation and operation of broad-band seismograph stations",

First European Quanterra Users Group meeting: 9 (10kB) Nov 12-13, 1998 Prague. Discussions on technical aspects, users applications, etc.

Intrumentation: FDSN working group? workshop at IUGG99?: 10 (5kB)

ORFEUS announcements: 11 (5 kB)
ODC-Volumes for 1993 published and will be mailed ASAP to participants.

Near Real Time (NRT) SEED format waveform data for 1998 and 1999.

1998: 2 new corporate founders and 5 new participants.

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