Observatories and Research Facilities for EUropean Seismology
Volume 1, no 1 January 1999 Orfeus Newsletter

ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter: scope and authors guidelines

The ORFEUS board of directors decided to go ahead with an Electronic ORFEUS Newsletter as an experiment in low-cost and effective information dissemination. The first issue is planned to appear January 1999.

Concept: ORFEUS participants and interested people receive by e-mail one html page with links to the different articles, news items etc. These links refer to retrievable newsletter pages stored at the ORFEUS web site (Newsletter). This way the reader may retrieve only those pages he or she is interested in. Contributors are encouraged to include links to relevant additional material.

Goal and ambition: The ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter should have a similar quality as the IRIS newsletter. Articles will pass a review procedure, where the main items will be relevancy and informational quality. The ORFEUS web site (Newsletter) will be an archived, fully referenceable electronic publication. Original contributions with relevant practical and informational material on seismological observations are invited. We are presently aiming at four issues in 1999, but this can be changed if necessary.

Audience and distribution: Seismologists interested in ORFEUS activities and residing within the European-Mediterranean area (including the Middle East). Distribution globally is not intended, but anybody interested can be put on the mailing list. ORFEUS participants can, upon request, receive (color) printed hard copies. Others can order (on cost basis) individual printed copies of the Newsletter. This service will only be provided in limited form.

Editor(s): In its initial phase ORFEUS General Secretary, Torild van Eck (e-mail: vaneck@knmi.nl) assisted by Brian Baptie (e-mail: b.baptie@bgs.ac.uk), member of the ORFEUS ExeCom, will be editors. ORFEUS is soliciting for an editor-in-chief and an additional editor.

Contributions: Anybody within the ORFEUS related community is encouraged to submit contributions to the ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter and experiment with this electronic form. The editor will together with the ORFEUS ExeCom judge its relevance and practical implementation. Initially we will aim at publishing articles, news and announcements within the scope outlined above.
Articles. should preferably not exceed 3 A4 (single-spaced) pages (less than 1500 words) and contain not more than 4 figures. Articles should cover practical aspects of a relevant research topic or description of on-going observational activities.
News (or letters). should preferably not exceed one A4 (single-spaced) page (less than 500 words) and contain not more than 2 figures. News (or letters) would cover reports on workshops, work-meetings, on-going activities and items that deserve attention within the ORFEUS community, etc.
Announcements. should not exceed 1/2 A4 (single-spaced) page (less than 200 words) and contain only in exceptional cases figures. Announcements concern future workshops, new web pages, software, etc.
Text. should preferably be submitted in ASCII text files. These will be edited within an html template. Everything that simplifies editorial activities and promotes effective and low-cost publication is encouraged.
Figures. Figures need to be clear and have a width not exceeding 600 pixels and preferably be small in size. Prefered formats are GIF, JPG or TIF. PDF or EPS Postscript files may be considered after consultation.
Links. ORFEUS will not assume responsibility for keeping cited link permanently active. All newsletters will carry a disclaimer:

Note: Hyperlinks and email adresses are live and active at the time of publication, but cannot guaranteed by ORFEUS for indefinite future use.
Submittal Contributions to the ORFEUS Newsletter should be submitted to ORFEUS (Torild van Eck e-mail: vaneck@knmi.nl).

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