Goal and ambition: The ORFEUS Electronic Newsletter intends to provide information on seismological monitoring and research infrastructure developments, i.e. technology, software, observational and analysis practices, standardization efforts, networks, instrumental deployments, and fast reports on recent events in and around Europe . We aim at material that is usually not accepted in scientific journals, but still has significant informative value to earth scientists, network and station operators and students. Our main area of interest will be Europe and its immediate surroundings. The ORFEUS website (newsletter) will be an archived, fully referable electronic publication. Original contributions with relevant practical and informational material on seismological observations are invited.

Audience and distribution: Seismologists interested in ORFEUS activities and data monitoring infrastructures within the European-Mediterranean area (including the Middle East ). ORFEUS participants may, upon request, receive (color) printed hard copies. Others can order (on cost basis) individual printed copies of the Newsletter. This service will only be provided in limited form.

Editor(s): Torild van Eck and Lars Ottemöller, ORFEUS is soliciting for additional editor(s).

Contributions: Anybody within the ORFEUS related community is encouraged to submit contributions to one of the editors. The articles will go through a short review process, after which the authors will be informed of the decision.

Articles should preferably have a length of about 3-4 A4 (single-spaced) pages (less than 1500 words) and contain about 2-6 figures.
News (or letters) should preferably not exceed one A4 (single-spaced) page (less than 500 words) and contain not more than 2 figures. News (or letters) would cover reports on workshops, work-meetings, on-going activities and items that deserve attention within the ORFEUS community, etc.
Announcements should not exceed 1/4 A4 (single-spaced) page (less than 100 words) and contain only in exceptional cases figures. Announcements concern future workshops, new web pages, software, etc.
Text should preferably be submitted in WORD. These will be edited within an html template. Everything that simplifies editorial activities and promotes effective and low-cost publication is encouraged.
Figures need to be of good quality and preferably PNG or JPG format. The figures in the article will be not more then 600 pixels wide. Larger figures need to be submitted in two versions, a small one fitting the 600 pixels limit and a larger one, which can be made accessible through an additional click. Submitting other formats may be possible after consultation.
Links We encourage the authors to add relevant links. However, ORFEUS will not assume responsibility for keeping cited links permanently active. All newsletters will carry a disclaimer.
(Note: Hyperlinks and email adresses are live and active at the time of publication, but cannot guaranteed by ORFEUS for indefinite future use).

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