The European Station Book portal

The aim of the European Station Book portal is to set up a unique and reliable international registry of broadband and strong motion stations. Such a registry does not exist so far and has an important role to serve the accelerometric data community, seismologists and engineers. The information can range from basic details such as location and names to acquisition chain description, morphology of the installation site or velocity profiles.

Data collecting and editing

The Station Book interface provides information of all stations that are part of the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA). This information is gathered from two different sources:

  • Common network and station metadata: collected automatically from EIDA.
  • Station and site characterisation: edited by network operators.

Specifically, the following data is shown in the Station Book interface:

EIDA Standard Metadata
Edited by Network Operators
Code Ownership
Time Frame Station
Region, Institutions, Archive and Description Ownership
Type, Class and Restriction Pictures
Station Geological Unit
Code Morphology
Location Ground type EC8
Time Frame Vs 30
Name, Affiliation, Country and Description f0 and Amp(f0)
Class and Restriction Basin Flag
Sensor Location Groundwater Depth
Code Bedrock Depth
Location Borehole Depth and Bedrock Depth
Time Frame Geology of Borehole Layers
StreamSensor Location
Code Housing details
Time Frame Building details
Instrumentation History  


The Station Book interface is a beta version and the contained data has not been verified. ORFEUS declines any responsibility from any improper use of the information therein represented.

All data within the European Station Book are subject to the EIDA disclaimer.


The Station Book interface was designed and implemented by ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) and ETH Zurich, using funding from NERA. The schema of the SeisComP3's database extension for Station Book was designed by ETH Zurich. The UML data model of this extension can be downloaded here: Station Characterization / Site Characterization.

SeisComP3 is an earthquake monitoring software developed by GFZ Potsdam and Gempa GmbH, largely used in Europe and worldwide.

The EIDA data access portal (WebDC3) is developed at GFZ Potsdam.

The data user is kindly requested to provide proper reference to the data suppliers:


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Disclaimer This Station Book interface is a beta version and the contained data has not been verified. Please help us clearing severe mistakes if any, by sending your feedback at
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