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EIDA Management

ORFEUS is the European Foundation tasked with coordinating European observational seismology and associated research infrastructures, with a primary function to provide access to broadband waveform data gathered by European research infrastructures. The ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) is the only jointly funded data center within ORFEUS and has served as the ORFEUS community data archive since its inception.

To cope with the new demands on data management as well as to further extend the services to the seismological community, ORFEUS revised its data archiving infrastructure and organization into a coordinated distributed data archive system. A major component of this is the formal establishment of the European Integrated waveform Data Archives (EIDA). The founding group of EIDA nodes, formed in 2013, is responsible for steering and maintaining the technical developments and organization of the European distributed seismic waveform data archive.

EIDA is organized and managed by the EIDA Management Board (EMB), a Technical Committee of ORFEUS. Under the mandate of ORFEUS Board of Directors and Executive Committee, the EMB is responsible for technical and operational management of EIDA. The EMB contributes to the formulation of strategies and policies on data access and distribution in Europe for decision by the ORFEUS Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The daily operation of EIDA and the coordinatd implementation of modifications and extensions as defined by EMB is carried out by the ETC (EIDA Technical Commission).

The current EIDA nodes are: ODC/ORFEUS, GEOFON/GFZ/Germany, SED/Switzerland, RESIF/INSU-CNRS/France, INGV/Italy, BGR/Germany, IPGP/France and LMU/Germany. Six nodes, called Primary Nodes, signed an MoU with ORFEUS in which commitments are established to provide access to their own data and other networks providing data to ORFEUS. Data archives technically connected to the EIDA system as defined by the EMB, and that are not Primary Nodes are termed Secondary Nodes.

Currently, ArcLink is the protocol which technically connects the distributed archives and provides uniform access to the data archives. New challenges in efficient data management, data content metadata, quality maintenance, provenance and access services in a distributed network of archives, are part of this discussion.

ORFEUS Data Center (ODC)

Since 1987 the ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) has been the main European data center, funded and governed by ORFEUS. The ODC primary tasks are to provide (a) the long-term backup archive of seismic waveform data from high quality broadband stations in Europe and (b) to provide open access to this archive to the research community.

While the ODC tasks have not changed, the EIDA concept enables the European seismological archives to meet current and future requirements to archive the rapid increasing amount of seismic stations. The EIDA concept takes advantage of additional funded national archival resources to commit to data archiving, QC and open access as established by ORFEUS.

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