European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA): data usage, acknowledgement and citation

  • Data ownership acknowledgement: the data user is kindly requested to provide proper reference to the data suppliers. This can be done by citing the individual data suppliers (network name and/or network code, see ORFEUS EIDA network list). Acknowledgement to ORFEUS and EIDA is also greatly appreciated.

    Some of the data sets distributed by EIDA have DOI's ( Digital Object Identifier ) associated with their seismic network according to a standard procedure recently approved by the FDSN. Where this is the case, this will be shown on the ORFEUS EIDA network list page for that network. Please use the DOI indicated in your acknowledgments or citations as appropriate, if one is available.

    Here the typical citation format recommended by FDSN:
    Creator (Year): Title. Publisher. ResourceType. DOIName

    Example for the GE (GEOFON) seismic network:
    GEOFON Data Centre (1993): GEOFON Seismic Network. Deutsches
    GeoForschungsZentrum GFZ. Other/Seismic Network. doi:10.14470/TR560404.

  • Disclaimer: The EIDA partners and networks take the greatest care to ensure that the data and metadata are accurate and of the highest possible quality. Users of the EIDA system assume all responsibility and risk for use of the data. In no event shall EIDA or the data providers be liable for any damages caused by, but not limited to, absence of data, or erroneous data.

  • Misuse of the data: Users of the data agree not to misuse or add to without permission, or misrepresent the data provided in any way. Data provide through EIDA are free of use and cannot be reused in unaltered form for commercial use. The user cannot claim ownership of the data. Please inform us of any misuse of data from this website.
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