ORFEUS Data Center - Koninklijk Nederlands Meterologisch Instituut

The ORFEUS Data Center, hosted by KNMI, is a centralized data center within EIDA that archives and exposes waveform data from European networks in particular the Netherlands. Historically all data available through ORFEUS EIDA were archived at ORFEUS Data Center, hence its name. Since 2013 the seismic archive has been federated across multiple data centers and ORFEUS Data Center is responsible for a part of the European Integrated Data Archive.


Service Address and Identifier
FDSNWS-Dataselect http://www.orfeus-eu.org/fdsnws/dataselect/1/query
FDSNWS-Station http://www.orfeus-eu.org/fdsnws/station/1/query
EIDAWS-Routing http://www.orfeus-eu.org/eidaws/routing/1/query
EIDAWS-WFCatalog http://www.orfeus-eu.org/eidaws/wfcatalog/1/query