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Data quality

The continuous seismic waveform data from the Virtual European Broadband Seismograph Network (VEBSN) are monitored at ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) in various ways to ensure a high quality of waveform data and metadata. The following monitors are in place:

  • Daily QC statistics : Browse basic quality data (e.g. standard deviation, number of gaps, data completeness) by date and channel. The definitions of the quality parameters in use are defined here The software is based on 'msi' and 'libmseed' (Chad Trabant; IRIS DMC) and available here. The modifications permits a calculation of the statistical parameters exactly within the specified time window.

  • Data latency: Latencies for VEBSN stations.

  • Power Spectral Density (PSD) versus time: this near real-time monitor displays the PSD of the background noise as function of time, for selected frequencies. Also the energy in two frequency bands is shown, as well as the lowest PSD level at each frequency. Find here the details of our procedure.
  • PQLX: this near real-time monitor displays the distribution of the PSD through a Probability Density Function (PDF).

  • DQ: Test version to display different quality parameters for VEBSN data at ODC.

For further information please contact or any other ORFEUS staff member.

Last update: juli 12, 2016

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