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Available data from ORFEUS

EIDA - European Integrated Data Archives

ORFEUS coordinates the infrastructure for seismic data archives in Europe, called EIDA (European Integrated Data Archive). Through this infrastructure ORFEUS provides access to waveform data and related metadata from permanent and temporary seismic networks deployed by European-Mediterranean organizations. Please find on this map the stations providing data to EIDA, consult the stations on Google Maps, or consult the station database.

VEBSN - Virtual European Broadband Seismograph Network

Since 1987 the ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) has been the main European data center, funded and governed by ORFEUS. The ODC primary tasks are to provide (a) the long-term backup archive of seismic waveform data from high quality broadband stations in Europe and (b) to provide open access to this archive to the research community.

This network of stations for which data is archived at and directly available from ODC is called the VEBSN (Virtual European Broadband Seismograph Network). At ODC a suite of quality parameters is calculated and monitored for the VEBSN stations. The VEBSN is a large subset of EIDA and contains data from about 600 stations (see map) from 60 networks. All data at ODC is open and directly available.

Which data can I get directly from ODC ?

event waveforms
event waveform data from VEBSN station for earthquakes with magnitude
M > 4.5 (Europe) and M > 5.5 (Global); mini-SEED files

continuous data
VEBSN continous waveform data, between 1988 and present; mini-SEED day-files; please use the ODC data inventory tool to search for waveform data at ODC.

quality parameters
quality paramaters and statistics for VEBSN stations

special datasets
special datasets

up-to-date metadata from VEBSN stations; dataless SEED

Please consult the direct access page for direct ftp links to the data at ODC, or the ODC services. page for tools to access data from VEBSN and EIDA.

Data users are kindly asked to refer to the VEBSN-contributors in any publication using data from ORFEUS Data Center.

For questions please contact or any other ORFEUS staff member.
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