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Since 1987 the ORFEUS Data Center (ODC) has been the main European Data Center for seismological broad-band waveform data, funded and governed by ORFEUS.

The ODC primary tasks are to provide (a) the long-term backup archive of seismic waveform data from high quality broadband stations in Europe and (b) to provide open access to this archive to the research community.

This centralized ODC data archive contains data from about 60 networks and is called the Virtual European Broadband Seismograph Network VEBSN archive. Data is quality controlled, fully open and directly accessible from ODC.

ORFEUS also coordinates the infrastructure for distributed seismic data archives in Europe, called EIDA (European Integrated Data Archives). Within EIDA, ODC is connected to 5 other seismic data archives in Europe (GFZ, RESIF, INGV, ETH, BGR). ODC provides different on-request services to give open access to this distributed archive system.

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