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A description of all available seismic network codes:

AB - Azerbaijan National Seismic Network
AI - Antarctic Seismographic Argentinean Italian Network
BE - Belgium National Network, Royal Observatory Brussels
BN - Blacknest Array, United Kingdom
BS - National Network of Bulgaria
BW - Bavarian Network, Muenchen, Germany
CA - Catalan Seismic Network, Barcelona, Spain
CH - Swiss Seismic Network, Zurich
CR - Croatian Seismic Network
CV - VIGIL Seismic Network, Cape Verde
CZ - Czech Seismic Networks, Prague, Brno
DK - Danish Seismic Network, Copenhagen
DZ - Research Center of Astronomy, Astrophysics & Geophysics (CRAAG), Algiers
EB - Ebre Observatory Regional Seismic Network, Tarragona, Spain
ES - Spanish National Seismic Network, Madrid
FN - Northern Finland Seismic Network
FR - French Broadband Seismological Networks (RESIF)
GB - Great Britain Seismograph Network
GO - National Seismic Network of Georgia
GR - German Regional Seismic Network
GU - Regional Seismic Network of North-western Italy, Genova
HE - Seismological Institute, University of Helsinki
HF - FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
HL - National Observatory of Athens (NOA), Greece
HP - Patras University, Greece
HT - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Seismological Network, Greec
HU - Hungarian Seismological Network, Hungary
IG - Southern Spain Broad Band Seismic Network, Granada
II - IRIS/IDA network
IP - Instituto Superior Tecnico Broadband Seismic Network, Portugal
IS - Israel National Seismic Network
IU - IRIS/USGS network
IV - Italian National Seismic Network (INGV)
KO - Kandilli Observatory, Istanbul, Turkey
LX - University of Lisbon Seismic network, Portugal
NA - Netherlands Antilles Seismic Network
ND - New CaleDonia Broadband Seismic Network
NI - North-East Italy Broadband Network, OGS, Udine, Trieste
NL - Netherlands Seismic Network, De Bilt
NO - Norwegian Seismic Array Network (NORSAR)
NR - NARS Array, University of Utrecht, Netherlands
NS - Norwegian National Seismic Network, Bergen
OE - Austrian Seismic Network (ZAMG)
PL - Polish Seismic Network
PM - Portuguese National Seismic Network
RO - Romanian National Seismic Network
SJ - Serbian Seismological Network, Belgrado
SK - Slovak National Seismic Network
SL - Slovenia National Seismic Network
SS - Single Station Observatory
SX - Saxonian Network
TH - Thüringer Seismisches Netz, Jena
TT - Seismic Network of Tunisia, Tunis
TU - National Seismic Network of Turkey, Ankara
UP - University of Uppsala Network, Sweden
VI - Department of Geophysics, Iceland
YF - MIDSEA project

ORFEUS PSD Interface
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