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Virtual European Broadband Seismograph Network (VEBSN)

The VEBSN is a pool of broadband seismograph stations, the data of which is shared in (near) real-time by European seismological observatories. The data is shared on the basis of the VEBSN statement of operation and is an efficient vehicle to gather and archive data for scientific research. Consequently, the data is secured in the European Integrated Data Archive (EIDA), pragmatically the European regional FDSN archive.

The VEBNS has been initialised within the EC-project MEREDIAN. Within the NERIES project the VEBSN is extended and the EIDA is being created.

Some data viewing options: WilberII (click on the individual stations) and QuakeExplorer (downloadable browser)

Data ownership acknowledgement

The data user is kindly requested to provide proper reference to the data suppliers. This can be done, for example, either by citing the individual suppliers or the VEBSN contributor list.

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