Raw daily quality data

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Channels of GE.SFJD with available data for 2009:
ACP_91 ACP_92 ACQ_91 ACQ_92 BH1_00 BH1_10 BH2_00 BH2_10 BHE_00 BHE_10 BHN_00 BHN_10 BHZ_00 BHZ_10 HH1_10 HH2_10 HHE_10 HHN_10 HHZ_10 LDO_30 LH1_00 LH1_10 LH2_00 LH2_10 LHE_00 LHE_10 LHN_00 LHN_10 LHZ_00 LHZ_10 LNE_20 LNN_20 LNZ_20 VHN_00

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